George A. Papandreou - President of Socialist International - Former Prime Minister
George A. Papandreou - President of Socialist International - Former Prime Minister
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SI President's Statement on Albania

Athens, 1 April 2013

As President of the Socialist International I would like to appeal to both our Vice President and leader of SPA Edi Rama and the leader of the Socialist Movement for Integration Ilir Meta.

My appeal is that both seriously consider uniting their forces in view of the upcoming elections in June 2013.

Despite past differences, the true challenge today is to create a united progressive front. This united progressive front will enable the country to make the necessary reforms in order to secure a fairer society with democratic institutions, transparency and accountability. Reforms which are necessary to secure both Albania's candidate status and road to the European Union and guarantee freedom and justice for all Albanian citizens.

If democracy is to be consolidated in Albania, what is needed is free and fair elections and a new governmental majority that is committed and ready to fight for the rule of law. This is important, not only for Albania, but also for the Balkans, for Europe, for the world at large.

In these challenging times of economic crisis progressives, socialists and social democrats have the responsibility to guarantee that the people’s interests are both heard and put first by guaranteeing the transparent functioning of government and democratic institutions.

Unity can bring victory, and victory can bring hope and change. My wish to both of you, dear Edi and dear Ilir, is that you grab onto this historical opportunity.

I can assure you of the wholehearted support of all of our progressive family for your difficult and courageous struggle towards our common goals and values.

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